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Moodletter provides tools for managing our mental health. It's about learning to embrace happiness, strength and confidence and let go of sadness, fear and regret. Moodletter is for anyone who wants to be happier and healthier, including those of us who are living with depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety.

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  Angry couple. Moods and misunderstandings
Mixed-up assumptions are a common culprit when there's a conflict between spouses, lovers, family members or friends...
No one wins, and each is left feeling hurt, angry and misunderstood...

I can't sleepI can't sleep!
Pills can help, but so can natural remedies
Many insomniacs swear by Ambien or Sonata, but some natural herbal remedies and lifestyle changes can have you counting sheep in no time...


  Panic attack.When panic attacks
If you are living with severe anxiety symptoms, you may often feel overcome with fear, insecurity, shyness or obsessive doubt.
You may be giving yourself self-sabotaging messages, but you can learn to control them...
  People volunteeringVolunteering helps others and helps you
Helping others can change your life. It can boost your mood and self-esteem, add structure to your life and get you out among people with whom you share interests. It feels good to feel needed...
  A man and his dog.Pets and mental wellness
Pets have been proven to have a positive influence on our physical and mental health. Owning a pet can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
Animals improve our mood with their companionship and they keep us active...
  Woman wondering about bipolar disorderDo I have bipolar disorder?
Your doctor says you're bipolar but what you've read about bipolar disorder and its "highs" just doesn't sound like you. Or your doctor is treating you for depression, but you're not getting better.
You may have bipolar II disorder...
  Afffectionate coupleSexual side effects
When you’re depressed or anxious you may not feel like doing anything. Especially making love. Antidepressants or other psych meds can improve your mood and your sex life, but, for some people, sexual side effects make things worse...

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