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7: 5 in favor of the wedding: how the stamp in the passport affects the health of men and women

A few years ago, the American journal Science compared the harm of loneliness with the devastating effects on the body of Smoking or «bad» cholesterol. Like, for health is definitely better to tie the knot. But not all scientists share the optimism of the wedding. So, how does the stamp in the passport affect the health of women and men?

Positive for her

Hospital less often

The link between the wedding ring on the finger and the power of immunity was recently announced by Janice Kikat-Glazer, a Professor of psychiatry and psychology at Ohio State University medical College. The learned husband compared the immune system of forty married and forty divorced women. Unlike the lonely, without a family clinging to the flu and other viruses, they quickly recovered and are generally more optimistic in life. But this is typical: less sick wives of husbands who have taken on the role of leader and breadwinner. The link between marriage and strong immunity has not been confirmed for women who play a male role in the family.

Less stress

When the news is not happy and positive at work hassle, even a little bored, but native, responsive husband at home in the kitchen in the evening-the best antidepressant. Male shoulder support reduces stress, so married women are less nervous than single women. This conclusion was made by psychologists of the University of Virginia (USA).

Heart stronger

Why family ladies are less likely to be hospitalized with a diagnosis of «hypertension» or «ischemia», calculated cardiologists from the Universities of Pittsburgh and San Diego (USA). Thirteen years from day to day they watched the health of several thousand women and found out: marriage makes life more diverse and active, reduces the number of reasons to withdraw into themselves and savor the problems. And it is very important for the preservation of health. However, scientists make a reservation: the rule works if the marriage is harmonious. To strengthen your heart and live longer, Nikolai Akhaladze, D. med. Professor Of the Institute of gerontology NAMNU, recommends not to be alone after forty. Divorce or loss of husband at this age reduces the chances of survival to sixty, so those over forty, it is important to create a new Union.


Negative for her.

Sleep more disturbing

Snoring men, according to statistics, twice as many as women. Night trills Khrapunov steal their wives about three o’clock in the morning. «As a result, fatigue, irritation will accumulate, there may even be problems with the heart,» cardiologist Nikolai Kolesnik is sure.

Life is shorter

Not every marriage can prolong life. Happy and prosperous, Yes. But if the family can not boast of high incomes and a woman has to work on two fronts — to replenish the family budget and do ALL the work at home—marriage takes an average of 1.5-2 years of life, or even more. These are the results of observations of researchers from the University of Massachusetts. Even more disappointing are the forecasts for unequal marriages, where the husband is much younger than the wife. German Institute of demography named after max Planck cites the following statistics: if the wife is older than her husband by 7-9 years, the risk of early death for her (compared to peers) increases by 20%! The reason? «Probably, in chronic stress because of the fear of losing attractiveness in the eyes of a young husband,» says Anna Walesa, psychologist, head of the Kiev Center for the development of men and women.

Wider waist 

Whether a happy marriage or not, when a relationship collapses, a woman often begins to seek solace in food. But a prosperous Union does not insure against obesity! «Even with harmonious relationships, the body mass index increases by at least a pound per year,» shares the results of his study, Dr. Andrea Melzer of the southern Methodist University in Dallas. «People who are happy in marriage, often lose the incentive to follow the figure. Found a life partner, you can relax, diet, exercise go by the wayside,» explains Anna Walesa.


Positive for him

Life is longer

Bachelors die on average 7 years earlier than their married peers. «After the wedding, men settle down, less risk for nothing, less likely to jump on a rope from bridges and drive cars under the influence. Many parts with bad habits begin under the control of their wives to monitor their health and regularly visit doctors,» says Anna Walesa. Therefore, the risk of stroke in married people is 64% lower than in single people, calculated cardiologists of tel Aviv University.

Communication more

According to the observations of psychologist Anna Walesa, men after the wedding make more friends than their wives (socialization — a powerful doping that improves health). Women tend to be more willing to share their society with their husband, who is dragged to meetings and parties, while men are not too eager to introduce a companion into their male circle.

Negative for him.

Good-bye, harmony!

For the nine months of pregnancy of the wife, the husband becomes thick on average 6.3 kilograms. This is the result of a study by the British marketing research company Onepoll, which interviewed five thousand young fathers-compatriots. The reasons for his vague forms of dad explains as follows: 25% eat more to support his wife; 41% of respondents blame the excess weight of the refrigerator, bursting with food: how can you resist the temptation. The rest of the stomach allegedly grows from nerves and frequent snacking.

The pressure jumps

If the marriage fails, heart problems threaten both spouses. «If a husband and wife are chronically annoying, they should see each other as little as possible,» says Brian Baker, a psychiatrist at the University of Toronto. «After testing several hundred unhappy couples, we found that after fifteen minutes of communication, the pressure in both increased dramatically and returned to normal only when the husband and wife went to different rooms. In successful marriages, the situation is changing exactly the opposite: the walls of the vessels of the heart of loving wives and husbands are much thinner than those of people dissatisfied with their Union.»Thin walls of blood vessels are a sign of heart health, and their thickening indicates high blood pressure and hypertension,» explains cardiologist Nikolai Kolesnik.

As you can see, health will benefit or suffer depends not on the stamp in the passport, but on the quality of the relationship. Health will definitely be stronger if you bind yourself not for the prevention of diseases, but simply for love.


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