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Am I Depressed?

Depression has become quite common nowadays and people suffer sporadic bouts of depression or have spells of chronic depression. Am I depressed has become a common question. The reasons are not very specific and have been considered to be genetic or psychological with environment playing a major role. Depression can occur due to isolated factors too like a major illness or following death or separation of a loved one.


Signs of Depression

Possible signs of depression may include the following-
— The person has feeling of hopelessness or does not feel worthy
-The person has trouble falling asleep or oversleeps often. This should not be confused with a few stray cases
— The person may experience sudden change in appetite. He/she may also develop an eating disorder.
— Sudden change in weight, weight gain or loss in the affected person
-Thoughts of suicide may occur intermittently
— The person has trouble in concentrating and feels fuzzy
— There may be chronic tiredness with very little activity
— There may be extreme cases of happiness and sadness
— Feeling of fear or anxiety that is unexplained
— Lack of interest in sex

If you have been asking yourself quite frequently Am I depressed? then it would be advisable to resort to some therapy and not ignore it totally. Some helpful tips to follow are-
— Try to find out as much as you can about depression and causes of depression. Do not ignore the symptoms. If the depression has an underlying medical cause then that needs to be treated first. If there is any other cause then that needs to be found out and treated too.

Make changes in your lifestyle.

Some foods may trigger depression and it would be good if you could avoid these. Do not eat if you are feeling full. Try not to overeat at all. But be sure not to skip meals as this might cause the depression to be more.
Eat healthy meals at regular times and do not have too long gaps in between meals. Treat yourself to chocolates and ice-creams once in a while.

Exercise more often.

Make physical fitness a routine and work out on a regular basis. It has been observed that people who exercise more are generally happier and stress-free. Even a brisk walk around the block could do wonders for your mental and physical health.

Join support groups where you meet and know others who have faced similar situations.

Share your experiences and try to help others in your group to overcome their depression. Talk about how you are feeling and try to gain from other peoples experiences. Try to find concrete answers to Why am I depressed?

Seek medical help and take the recommended medicines as prescribed. The doctor will have answers to Why am I depressed? and handle each case specifically.

Medications will take time and combined with lifestyle changes can work wonders.

Do things that make you happy.

Be with positive people who make you laugh more. Spend more time with friends. Listen to music or watch movies. Develop a hobby that keeps you busy.

Soon the question — Am I depressed? may be answered with a big No.

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