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Beyond Bipolar: Seven Steps to Wellness

 “Achieving mental wellness is possible, in spite of daunting challenges,” says Jane Mountain, MD, author of Beyond Bipolar: 7 Steps to Wellness. “You can never be too sick to recover.”

Jane Mountain, M.D., is a speaker, author and expert on bipolar disorder, whose first book, Bipolar Disorder, Insights to Recovery, provides an introduction to living with the disorder with hope and clarity.

Treatment is key, she says, but so is the “Street Knowledge” gained from others who are living with the disorder. As founder of one of Denver’s largest support groups, she has heard countless stories of struggle and recovery.

The chief ingredient of recovery is resilience, says Mountain, a skill set that can be practiced and learned. Combined with appropriate treatment with medicines and psychotherapy, it can help you live well with the challenges of bipolar disorder.

“Even if you’re going through the worst time of your life,” she writes to those who are “feeling hopeless, pieces of their lives nearly destroyed by lost relationships, job loss, financial ruin, or attempted suicide,” there is hope.

Hope, she says, is essential to recovery and she tells you how to learn to say, “When I can…,” not “If I can…”

With her seven steps to wellness, she helps those living with bipolar disorder to utilize wellness skills and react quickly to mood clues. She teaches us how to have hope, be resilient, manage our illness and mobilize ourselves when we’re stuck.

In the book, Mountain combines her personal experience with bipolar disorder with her experience as a physician to guide the search for wellness.

Jane Mountain, MD, is a physician, speaker, author and expert on bipolar disorder, a contributing editor for the ISBD Global and is the founding director of the Depression/Bipolar Recovery Group of Midtown Denver.

The book includes a foreword by author and bipolar expert John McManamy.

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