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The Chemistry of Joy

Healing depression requires an understanding of our bodies and brain chemistry, but also our psyches and spirits, say the authors of this book. The assembly-line treatment common today tends to treat depression by tossing medications at it. The authors of Chemistry of Joy teach, instead, a holistic approach that integrates our physical, mental and spiritual aspects, which Thoreau called «the condition of life.» This, we learn, leads us to the pathway of lasting health, free from dependence upon medications and without side effects.

Emmons, a psychiatrist and student of Jungian psychology, Christian theology, Buddhist philosophy, Ayurvedic medicine and the practice of mindfulness, along with the latest elements of Western biochemistry.

Emmons points out a fascinating pattern between Western medicine’s three types of depression; the three mind-body types of Ayurveda, the ancient medicine of India; and the three Buddhist emotional types.

Differences in brain chemicals cause different types of depression, Emmons says. And he explains, in understandable language, how antidepressants work and why they sometimes stop working. He acknowledges that while medications are sometimes necessary, there are a range of alternatives.

Emmons’ program includes: developing a «brain-healthy» lifestyle, restoring your inner harmony and balance, practicing the observing and self-acceptance of mindfulness and living with a full heart..

«The Chemistry of Joy is based on aligning your body, mind and heart in service to your soul and its design.» It’s an eye-opening journey.

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