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Detour: My Bipolar Road Trip In 4-D

«Like many people with bipolar disorder, I was misdiagnosed and treated with an antidepressant,» said author Lizzie Simon. «I responded horribly. It nearly ended my life.»

Simon, author of Detour: My Bipolar Road Trip In 4-D. spoke to a group of people whose lives had been touched by bipolar disorder and/or suicide, people involved with mental health organizations and students at Regis University in Denver, Colo. in September. The presentation was organized by the Carson J Spencer Foundation, which supports programs and services dedicated to early intervention and effective treatment for people with bipolar disorder and suicidal ideation.

In her book, Simon tells her story of major depression followed by severe mania at the age of 17. She came home from Paris in a psychotic state that included hallucinations. Once home, she began treatment with Lithium and therapy.

Simon is a success story. She went on to graduate from Columbia, became an award-winning theater producer, and at 23, decided to seek out others like herself. She tells their stories, along with her own, in the book Detour: My Bipolar Road Trip In 4-D.

«Detour is a memoir about my cross country adventure interviewing young people who had successfully managed their bipolar disorder,» Simon said. «Thirteen years ago people hadn’t come out as they have since. I knew there were people like me and I needed to find them.»

The MTV generation will find Simon’s success an inspiration. Since publication of her book, she has been covered by several TV, newspaper, magazine, radio and web outlets including CNN, The Village Voice and TIME Magazine. Simon worked as a consultant and field producer on an award winning documentary for MTV, entitled «True Life: I’m Bipolar.»

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