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Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression

I Don’t Want to Talk About It, Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression by Terrence Real, Fireside, 1997

Although this book was written in 1997, and we can hope that societal attitudes and men’s responses to them have changed in recent years, there is still a wealth of valid information here. There are few other books on the subject.

Psychotherapist Terrence Real calls upon his twenty years experience to write about the “overt” and “covert” of male depression.

He describes “overt” depression as acute, dramatic and debilitating. “Covert” depression, however, is a condition that manifests itself in more subtle ways. Because of the stigma attached to depression, men often allow their pain to burrow deeper and further from view.

Real writes about such “male” problems as difficulty with intimacy, workaholism, alcoholism, gambling and abusive behavior and reveals them to be attempts to escape or disguise depression. Behaviors like irritability, dominance, drinking and emotional unavailability push away the very people he most loves and needs.

But it is a hopeful book because it shows a way out of depression for men. He shows men how they can heal themselves and restore their relationships. He coaches men to become aware of their inner emotions, so that they can begin to deal with their depression.

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