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Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide

“It was simply the end of what I could bear, the last afternoon of having to imagine waking up the next morning only to start all over again with a thick mind and black imaginings. It was the final outcome of a bad disease, a disease it seemed to me I would never get the better of.

…I knew my life to be a shambles, and I believed – incontestably – that my family, friends, and patients would be better off without me. There wasn’t much of me left anymore, anyway, and I thought my death would free up the wasted energies and well-meant efforts that were being wasted in my behalf.”

So writes Kay Redfield Jamison about the despair that led to her near-fatal suicide attempt in Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide. Jamison, professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University lives with manic depression.

Night Falls Fast is a compendium on the subject of suicide and traverses the history of suicide and the causes, provides absorbing case studies of those who have attempted suicide and those who have died from it, explores the treatments of the disorders that can lead to it and other prevention strategies. The book will provide you with factual information but also allow you to get inside the souls of those who have been to that dark and desperate place and understand the subject as you have never understood it.

Kay Redfield Jamison is the author of An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness (1997)

For anyone who has considered suicide or knows someone who has; for anyone who is among the friends and family members who have been left behind by someone who has completed suicide, this book will help to answer the question -“Why?”

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