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Common Manifestations after Diagnosing Depression

Symptoms are subjective form of observations that are carefully verbalized by the person. Sign on the other hand are the objective form of observations which are displayed by the person. Both signs and symptoms are considered as manifestation of a certain pathological or psychological problem occurring to a person.

Common Manifestations

On psychological point of view, what is being verbalized is more pronounced than what is being observed. Though the importance of sign is much useful compare to what have been verbalized by the patient. In Diagnosing Depression, there are standards that are needed to be present before the person is said to suffer from this psychological condition.

There are many definitions of depression. It may be operant or theoretically based on the textbooks. But still, it all falls down to a condition wherein the mood of a person is disrupted. There were times were our mood goes up and down. Sadness is the main term associated to depression. Though it is a normal reaction to one’s life as they face circumstances where they struggle, failed or disappointed. Many mental health professionals diagnose depression to people who have this kind of feeling. Intense feeling of sadness can be observed by the psychiatrists.

Many people will describe depression as living in a total world of darkness. Sometimes may state that they have a feeling of a commencing doom. Many depressed people don’t feel lonely at all, but they may fell worthless living in a meaningless life, empty and apathetic. For male depressed person, they may execute feeling of angry, aggressiveness and restlessness.

There are different signs and symptoms that are observed for diagnosing depression. These typical symptoms include inability to have better sleep pattern. People who sleep too much or too less is a form of sleeping pattern disturbances; Inability to concentrate or focus with certain object or easy task is another symptom manifested by a depressed patient. Feeling hopeless and helpless to some situations which are easily managed; inability to control the negative ideas no matter how hard the person can deal with it; absence of regular appetite or excessive eating of large amount of food is considered as a manifestation of a depressed person.

Another symptom that is carefully observed in diagnosing depression is the behavior of the person which is irritable, being short-tempered and aggressive compare to the normal way of living. Involving to any unhealthy activities which are reckless such as consuming great amount of alcoholic beverages; and most of all an ideation of suicide is very common to depressed person.

Eventually, these manifestations can be more pronounced if the person is in the state of severe depression. The most important way to intervene this situation is to have someone who will stay at the side of the patient. Direct confrontation of the person regarding the suicide ideation should be done. Therapeutic communications which are both verbal and non-verbal are very important tool in dealing with depressed patient.

Avoiding false reassurance and challenging a depressed person is not advisable. These manifestations are carefully observed and an immediate therapeutic intervention should be done to prevent harmful activities that can put the life of the person in danger. Usually, in diagnosing depression, the mental health personnel perform several examinations pertaining to the mental status of an individual. This may include the things which display the ability of the person in terms of judgment, logic or critical thinking and memory.

Simple tasks must be planned for them because complexity of a task can worsen the condition of the patient. It is better to communicate with depressed people as much as possible. Involve them to some enjoyable activities that can enhance their confidence and social skills. Social participation is very important in intervening depressed cases. Most importantly, limitations to the activities should be emphasized because there are times that this affair can be troublesome to other person who are depressed.

A form of activity that motivates a person is very important because motivation is a form of encouragement and this can modify the perception of an individual towards life. A depressed person who believes that life is worthless should be taken care and put on the top list of priority. People like this may end their life without informing other people. The only way to solve this conflict is to properly observe the actions of the person and prohibit deadly materials that can be used for killing him or herself. These are just the common manifestations and interventions for people after diagnosing depression.

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