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Crises Situations Contributed to Diagnosing Depression

When diagnosing depression, a psychiatrist performs several tests and evaluation to determine if the person really suffers from this mental illness. There are certain pathological conditions such as viral infection manifests the same symptoms with depression. There are factors that can contribute to a person who suffers from depression. But the most common factor is different crisis situations that may alter the perception of an individual towards life.

Crises Situations

Situational crises are inevitable to everyone’s life. These situations may or may not affect the individual’s perception towards life, but if the coping mechanism fails to adapt with the external stimulus, it may increase the chance for diagnosing depression by the qualified psychiatrists.

The following are the common situational crises that greatly influenced the coping mechanism of an individual to suffer from depression:

    1. Loss of important person. A dying member of the family or close person to the client is very hard to deal with. Most especially when the relationship between them is so intense that losing them is the hardest part. The normal coping mechanism for this is the grieving process which may last for a long period of time. But if the person fails to cope with the incident, the tendency is, client might feel depress and the thoughts or suicidal ideation may be very possible to preoccupy the mind. Being aloft from others is an indication for diagnosing depression; hence they tend to mingle from other people because of the fact that losing an important person to their lives is unacceptable.


    1. Loss of job. Career is another important thing for everybody. It is the main source of our income for our daily needs. Most of the time, we tend to do our best just to meet the demands of our work but for some situation like, closure of the company due to economic crisis, inability to perform prescribed task or being unqualified for the present position are just some of the many reasons why people lost their jobs. It is unbearable to think that being unemployed means so much for everybody. It lowers their self-esteem and confidence to move on. However, there are people who view it as a challenging situation wherein they move on to another chapter of their life by looking for another job, but for those who have dedicated their life for this job, it is very hurtful for them when they lost it.


    1. Failures. There are times that when a person fails in a certain career, they look for another plan to work on and move to another challenges in life. But for those who have fully served everything just to make sure for themselves that they can successfully achieve their goals may eventually enhance their risk for diagnosing depression. Actually, failure is something that we need to learn. Experience wise, failure from our mistakes will make us a better person. However, there are people who have poor coping mechanisms that once encountered failures, they never stood up and probability of letting go with the situation is very slim. People with poor coping mechanism are prone for diagnosing depression.


    1. Terminal Condition. People who are diagnosed to have terminal condition may not accept the reality that they are dying. Some may deny the fact that their life is about to end. Some may find ways to end their life as early as possible because they are afraid of suffering from the pain and agony that they might encounter as the condition worsens.


  1. Traumatic Incidents. Any accidents and other form of injury caused by natural occurrences such as typhoon, earthquake, fire or other nature involving disaster casing the loss of house or any family members will affect the coping mechanism of the person suffering from it. Cases like this might give them a traumatic experience that will lasts for longer times. If the person suffering from this situation can’t adapt with the scenario will be preoccupied to commit suicidal actions. Ending their lives is the only answer for them, since living without the presence of important people and objects may cause them to ignore the purpose of life. Eventually, they don’t want to suffer from the agony that they are facing because of this intense event to their life.

These are the common crises situations that can actually affect the perception of an individual which will increase the risk for diagnosing depression that can sometimes dangerous to themselves, since committing suicide or doing actions just to end their life is the only thing that occupies their thought. The best way to deal with this is to have someone to support you emotionally and guide you with divine interventions.

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