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Define Depression

If you were to define depression it would be described as a psychological condition that affects the mental state of a person. A person suffering from any type of depression has a pessimistic and negative view of themselves and life and are often lonely, sad and hopeless most of the time. They have no excitement for life and have no interest in steering their life towards productivity.

Define Depression

Depression can be caused by various factors ranging from psychological, social or biological and it is said that genetic composition may cause someone to become predisposed to suffering from depression.
That said, there are many ways to define depression and the definitions are by its psychotic features, symptoms and duration. A few different ways to define depression are listed below:

Define Depression by Type

Major depression This is the most common form of depression where a person suffering from it feels like they are carrying the entire world and its problems on their shoulder. A person suffering from this type of depression has no interest at all in life and regular activities and does not get stimulated to take action by anything. The effect of being this way over a long period of time causes the person to be hopeless and they think that the hopeless state is permanent.

Chronic depression Chronic depression is also known as dysthymia and is basically characterized by low moods day in day out for more than two years. The symptoms of chronic depression are not as intense as those exhibited by someone suffering from major depression but it is possible for someone to sink into major depression during the two years or more they have suffered from chronic depression.

Clinical depression this kind of depression is also known as a form of major depressive disorder. It is the most serious form of depression and it presents itself through a combination of symptoms that hinder a persons ability to carry out normal activities such as eating, sleeping, working, studying or participating in any form of interaction.

Postpartum depression this form of depression affects women who have just given birth. It is different from the case of a woman having the baby blues and it usually presents itself within four weeks after a new mom gives birth. The hormones that are produced by a womans body during her pregnancy cause fluctuations in moods resulting in this mild form of depression. Its symptoms can disappear after a few days but in some cases when left unchecked, it can result in the mother murdering the new born child.

Psychotic depression just as the name suggests, this type of depression causes the patient to see things that are not there and hear imaginary voices. This form of depression causes one to loose touch with reality and a patient will hallucinate and have psychotic delusions. This is one of the more complex forms when it comes to define depression.

Manic depression manic depression is also known as bipolar depression. Mania is a condition whereby the sufferer goes from one extreme mood to another in a very short time. At one moment they are happy and fine and the next moment they are low and sad. That said, this form of depression causes someone to have lows and highs alongside with other symptoms that are not seen in the other types of depression.

After You Define Depression

That said, all types of depression are manageable and there is help for each and every one of them. All it takes to get started on the path to recovery is admitting you need help. Once you define depression for yourself, you are on your way to recovery.

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