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Depression statistics

The statistics that have been gathered in regard to depression are startling. They indicate that depression is a major concern for a lot of people. Did you know that only about 10% of those suffering from depression seek treatment? This is a disturbing concern.



If left untreated, depression can become a very severe mental health problem. Depression Statistics are perplexing because they reveal the scope of the problem to be larger then we would expect. There are different levels and types of depression. But if left untreated, depression can become quite debilitating.

Statistics show that Depression can and does hit every age group. Children, teens and adults of all age groups can and do suffer from depression.

There are approximately 18 million Americans over the age of 18 that suffer from depression. According to clinical estimations about 1 out of 33 children will suffer from depression each year. Depression is the leading cause of disability for people between the ages of 15 to 44. Depression is about twice as likely to occur in women versus men. 20.2% vs. 8.2%. 40% of people who abuse alcohol suffer from symptoms of depression. This creates a cycle of self medicating and contributing to the depression.

Methamphetamine abusers suffer from severe depression and anxiety due to brain damage caused by the drug abuse.

There are currently no medications that can treat meth abuse but treatment of the resulting depression may be beneficial to the meth addict’s recovery.

Major depressive disorder is the most prevalent type of depression.

About 12.4% of adults will have reported symptoms of depression at some point.

47% of adults that have suffered from depression in the past will be more likely to have a relapse into depression in the future.

Estimates point to at least 10% of the global population as suffering from some form of depression.

Approximately 4% of those who suffer from major depression will commit suicide. 60% of all suicides are committed by those suffering from major depression. This statistic points to the importance of seeking out help if you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms of depression. Dont wait until suicide is attempted.

Depression statistics reveal that women who suffer with depression are more likely to attempt suicide then men.

However men are more likely to actually die from a suicide attempt.

Depression statistics reveal that this mental health disorder is actually a very serious condition that can re-occur or become a chronic health condition if left untreated. A large number of people suffer from depression and the condition is treatable. Do not ignore the symptoms.

Even though depression statistics are stunning, there are successful treatment options and clinical trials available to those who seek help. If treatment is started in a timely manner, depression can be successfully managed and even cured in some cases.

On going research is very promising and studies into new ways to diagnose and treat depression are being developed even now. There are clinical studies that you can participate in if you have depression. The care and medications are provided at no cost to you. In some instance you may receive a stipend for your participation.

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