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Diagnostic Procedures for Depression

Psychological depression is considered as a mental illness affecting the cognitive health condition which causes person to have a pronounced poor mood and low level of energy as well as unable to feel satisfaction or pleasure. This condition is medically referred as anhedonia. Based on the current records in the American Society of Psychiatric Cases, there are over 19 million Americans ache from depression every year.

Diagnosing Depression

Diagnosing Depression is one way of evaluating the person who has psychological problems which may need a therapeutic care from the qualified psychiatrists and psychologist to successfully prevent the patient from having suicidal ideation.

In Diagnosing Depression, the psychiatrist uses observational examinations to evaluate the person who are suspected to suffer from this mental illness. Usually, aside from psychiatrists, other trained mental health professionals can confirm the diagnosis of the person. The most common ways of Diagnosing Depression are as follows:

a. The mental health professionals will observe the speech and behavior of the person. Person who is known to suffer from depression might have slower and more faltering speech compared to a normal person who is more fluent when talking. Depressed people may have continuous pauses and usually talk quietly or very slowly. Depresses people tend to move and walk slower and very hesitant.

b. Professionals like psychiatrists evaluate the mental status of the person. One form of evaluating the mental status of a person is by providing questions which measures the person’s ability in terms of vocabulary, logic and memory. Sometimes, it is referred to as mini mental status examination, and there are various styles of this examination that can be located on the internet, or simply you can create your very own evaluation tool. A very good example for this evaluation tool to test the memory of the patient is to have them identify at least three objects and after several minutes, try to ask them if they can still remember the objects that they have seen earlier.

c. Another option used in Diagnosing Depression is to examine the sleeping and eating patterns of the person. Person who suffers from mild or severe depression often has a disturbance in sleeping patter. It is either; the person sleeps too much or too little. Changes in the appetite and diet of the patient are observable. Depressed people may eat food at very minimal amount or sometime eat a large quantity of food.

d. In Diagnosing Depression, psychiatrist will question the person regarding his or her mood and levels of activity. Some of the clinical signs of depression may include feelings of poor self-worth and low level of self-esteem, as well as inability to take pleasure with all the enjoyable activities and other hobbies that usually presides in his or her surroundings. The mental health professional will also question the person if there are situations, objects or person in particular that bothers them, since stress, fear and anxiety is known to be a predisposing condition for Diagnosing Depression.

How to test a person for depression?

According to the recent studies, depression which is classified as a part of mood disorder is one of the most cases of psychological problems across the globe. Most psychiatrists take this condition as a chronic illness similar to other pathological condition like diabetes and hypertension. However, this condition can be treated with different approaches. The best method used in Diagnosing Depression is to evaluate the mental status of the person and other probable manifestations of signs and symptoms should be ruled out by performing physical assessment and other laboratory examinations.

In some psychiatric institution, they usually asked the patient about their feelings. Signs and symptoms are also evaluated by asking the person about when and how did these manifestations started. The person’s ability to be attentive and focus should be carefully observed. As part of Diagnosing Depression, it is very important to evaluate the judgment skill of the person. It is very crucial to determine the ability of the person to respond with hard questions, therefore, a simple question and other illustrations is used in checking the mental status of the person.

The way a person dresses up is another way of Diagnosing Depression; a depressed person may have problems with wearing appropriate clothes. They may appear dull and doesn’t care about the impression from other people.

These are the common ways on how to diagnose person with depression. It may be simple but it is very difficult to deal with. Only qualified and highly experience mental health professionals are capable to provide therapeutic communication with the person who is diagnosed to have depression.

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