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Divination: why it is dangerous for the psyche

Psychotherapists spoke of the consequences of guessing

Many of us would like to know in advance how his life will develop, what to expect from it, whether dreams will become a reality and whether there will be a place to unplanned pleasures? But this activity is fraught with a number of dangers. Omitting the opinion of the clergy about the magic, let us consider its most common negative consequences from the point of view of psychology. About them we were told by Tatiana Mikheenko, psychologist of the highest category, psychotherapist, and Alla Tchaikovsky, bioenergotherapist, member of the Ukrainian Union of psychotherapists and the Association of traditional and alternative medicine of Ukraine.

Danger 1: Loss of meaning in life

Divination can lead to loss of sense life

Divination is somewhat similar to planning for the future. After all, a person before asking his question, puts it in words, and in the course of searching for exact formulations can discover other desires and goals, or find out that the current ones are false. And this is good – the existence of a person will become more conscious, which means – he will not say once: «I did not live my life.» But if the answers to these questions do not coincide with the expected, then a person can become even more confused in the diversity of his aspirations, which is fraught with the ultimate loss of the meaning of each of them, that is, in fact – the loss of the purpose of his life as a whole. Especially if he is melancholic, that is, prone to dramatization and depression, or if a person has a long period can not solve the same problem, or lives in frustration. And such guessing at least 99.9%. After all, those who have a clear idea of their life, to know what it will be, do not need a priori.gadanie1

Danger 2: you Can break the wood

A person, on the contrary, can hear what is expected. OK? Well – he will be inspired, will act more actively and will be able to achieve his goal. But! But whether one and the same mean man, and his veshchunov (so called unknown source of information)? Here’s a historical fact. At one time, Julius Caesar asked the fortune teller whether he should go to war on the barbarians. The answer was, «If you start a war, you’ll destroy everything.» The legendary commander conquered people after people and rejoiced at how exactly the predicted coincides with his aspirations and expected results. But it was the barbarians who became a time bomb, and their repeated revolts against the state of Affairs in the Roman Empire historians call one of the most important reasons for its collapse. Thus, like Julius Caesar, a person can be inspired by prophecy and «go on the offensive» to the desired goal, but as a result only break the wood.

Danger 3: the Dream will never come truekartu

Divination does not lead to the fulfillment of the desired

This danger is more likely, the more people believe in fate. And wondering in fact the vast majority of those who believes that what will be, will be. But if you look at these people more closely, they always shift the responsibility for their happiness not only to fatum, but also to other people. And the one who is immature and inactive, most often remains with nothing. For example, in the practice of our experts is full of cases where a single woman for many years, knowing that she would marry, say, a brunette with blue eyes, which occupies a high position in society, stopped doing anything to meet this very man, and kept saying something like: «If the prophecy is true, the future husband can just once mixed up the door, call in mine.» And such a fatalist continued to live in the «work-home-work» mode, all weekend spent on the couch watching TV or visiting the same bachelors, that is, she almost did not intersect with men, and even more so wealthy, as it was predicted – because such do not go in minibuses. She did not visit beauty salons and was not much concerned about whether she was stylishly dressed – well, how such a «mouse» can catch at least some man, not to mention the «Prince».

Danger 4: loss Of well-being

Fatalists run the risk of «earning» another problem – to destroy the current well-being. Hearing the prophecy, such fortune-tellers begin to diligently destroy the present. But it is not always so bad. For example, in the memory of one of our experts crashed such a case. Once on reception to it – to the psychologist, – as to the last hope there was once very provided, purposeful and in all spheres the successful man. One day, while guessing, he heard that he would become even more successful if he stopped clinging to the material. Very quickly he was a member of some sect, gave his «spiritual development» a lot of money, he stopped developing the business, they say, things will move themselves and even better, the main thing – «find yourself», and eventually he lost not just a lot, but everything – he did not have a family, he had nothing to pay for the apartment and even eat normally.

Danger 5: the Consolidation of the psychological traumagadanie

After a hike to the fortune teller Psychotrauma can be fixed

A person with a healthy psyche and high self-esteem does not need to look into the future – he already knows what it will be, because he knows how to create it, believes that nothing is impossible and that the author of all events in his life, he himself and only he. Guess, as a rule, those who have Psychotrauma. Because of a whole bunch of complexes, fears and doubts, attitudes to worthlessness, to constant doubts «am I right» generated by this trauma, a person forbids himself to ask the question «what do I want personally?»and afraid to make independent decisions, and therefore looking for clues from the soothsayers. Moreover, he always interprets each of them through the prism of Psychotrauma, and therefore sees in it only those pointers that can nourish the injury, and makes decisions that will destroy it. After all, according to the laws of the psyche of the victim always seeks to perform a program of self-destruction. Of course, unconsciously. In the vast majority of cases, Psychotrauma is applied in childhood, and then on this principle is only fixed. Therefore it is necessary not to guess, and to go to the psychologist – he will help to remove a self-lock on release of the true «I», will help to fall in love with itself and to allow itself to be the Smith of the life.

Careful! You await the «killers»

If we have agreed that looking into the future is a real phenomenon, we must believe that some sources can give false information to destroy a person and his life, and be fueled by his negative emotions, and those in the collapse of everything and everything arise in large numbers. The probability of running into a «killer» the higher the serious form of divination. For example, pulling out from under the pillow notes with variations of answers to an exciting question – rather than a fortune-teller, and fun. But divination on Tarot cards, spiritism, ventriloquism – this is a game of roulette. Unsafe and divination with a number of ordinary things – in the hands of homegrown witch (ie you, if you decide to tell fortunes), they can turn into a tool of self-destruction – you do not know all the subtleties of divination and can hear «wrong». These are: mirrors – from the point of view of bioenergotherapeutics they are portals to the mental body of a person, candles – fire destroys the charge particles of the air, and it takes not a gaseous form, but a plasma one (in magic it is believed that in such a place air can carry information that can not be transmitted through gas), and water – it is an excellent «dictaphone», and what was written on it before you use it, you – not a seer — can not know.

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