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Eye color and their meaning: what may be the character

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. And indeed, when we get acquainted, we often look into the eyes of the interlocutor. Eye color — this is an interesting feature that arose during the evolution of man. For example, blue eye color was caused by a mutation six to ten thousand years ago. And residents of the European eye color can change throughout the life or a few months after birth — from light to darker. And in the elderly, the eyes may pale and even «fade». Interestingly, green eyes in ancient times were considered a sign of witchcraft.

How eye color affects a person’s character

Green eyes. People with green eyes are gentle and kind, as long as it does not concern vital decisions for them. At this moment they are showing all the determination and toughness of character. Owners of green eyes — reliable, stable, patient, determined nature. They are also distinguished by their stubbornness, assertiveness and hardness. But at the same time people with green eyes try to avoid conflicts and solve everything peacefully, however, it is not necessary to sit on their heads.


People think green eyes are a sign of sexuality. Green eyes are characteristic of creative people. Also green-eyed individuals seem.

Brown eye. Brown-eyed people — very temperamental and impulsive, sharp and irritable person. But they are very smart and wise, often in difficult situations make the right decisions. They do not like monotony and monotony. Scientists associate brown eyes with personality traits such as advanced intelligence. The owners of brown eyes can be stubborn, hot-tempered, arrogant.


Light brown eyes. Such eyes are called hazel. People with light brown eyes are very hardworking and diligent, they are very obligatory and Executive, you can rely on them. They achieve significant success in their careers, when they are trusted. People with hazel eyes — very vulnerable and impressionable, long experience resentment, but do not show it. They are prone to solitude, dreaminess and shyness, while — hardworking and diligent. People with light brown eyes are often closed, indecisive, dreamy.

Blue eye. Blue-eyed people have a calm and balanced character, they are cold and calculating personality. People with blue eyes only in appearance are very vulnerable and impressionable. They don’t like routine. Among the main character traits of blue-eyed people — determination, calmness and resentment. They are easily hurt and resentment they remember for a very long time. Also, experts consider blue eyes a sign of sexuality.


Gray eye. Gray-eyed people stand firmly on their feet and achieve the desired in life. They do not succumb to difficulties, solve problems quickly and as profitable as possible for themselves. Gray-eyed people — smart, decisive, practical. Their curiosity knows no bounds. They are thoughtful and reliable.

Black eye. People with black eyes are very temperamental. The dark shade of the eyes is a sign of impulsiveness, conflict and temper, but, as a rule, such people easily forget grievances. They are gambling, enterprising, initiative and quickly find a common language with people. Love to be the center of attention.


Gray-green eyes. Holders of such eyes can rightly be called very strong-willed, pragmatic, conscientious, hardworking and fair people. They have a mind combined with feeling, flexibility and intuition.


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