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For friends and lovers: four ways to be closer even at a distance

Distance between friendship and love is not a hindrance. This expression is quite common, but not always real. After all, you need to be able to keep a relationship at a distance.

If you are at a distance from each other, it does not mean the end of the relationship. It is not necessary to put a cross on the person, after all he can be near you and when is far from you. If a romantic long-distance relationships are always put into question, the friendship is under less risk. But still, friends often move away not only physically, but also psychologically.

Your attention four ways to stay close friends, being thousands of kilometers from each other.

Add something new to your friendship

What you are does not mean that in addition to communicating you have more nothing can be. You’re still capable of creating shared memories. It can be the little things: for example, the annual meeting of the memorial site. It is possible and to threaten on the bigger things. For example, take a trip together or start learning the same online course.


Be honest

Problems arise at all and it is not necessary to hesitate to speak about them. Moreover, not only romantic partners, but also friends part. All of us sooner or later come to a critical point, and it is important to recognize it in time. Relationships tend to fade away, and if you’re not ready to continue to work on them, then do not waste each other’s time.

Your friend is a collage of memories of you. He was present at many key events in your life and knows you like no other. This is the same person who sometimes forgives even the most terrible things. Valuing him is the least you can do for him. No matter how your relationship develops, he will always be waiting for you.

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