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Hormone responsible for love and happiness

For our feelings and sensations are responsible including hormones! Scientists have long identified a hormone that is responsible for affection, love, creating and maintaining close relationships, as well as care. It’s oxytocin. The normal level of this hormone in the human blood provides him with peace of mind, satisfaction and a sense of security.

British scientists have even compared the effect of oxytocin with alcohol — relaxing, slightly «intoxicating» and soothing. With a lack of it there is aggression, increased anxiety and dissatisfaction. Accordingly, if you want to increase the level of happiness – it is necessary to increase the level of oxytocin. How to do this?

Hug more often

Scientists say that the notorious eight hugs a day-nothing more than a way to produce oxytocin. Also, its level increases any physical intimacy, including sex, kissing, massage, etc.


Have a pet

Hugging your favorite tailed and taking care of him, we feel happy.


Compliments and heartfelt conversations also contribute to the production of oxytocin. It can even be a conversation with a companion or with a stranger, the main thing – that he brought positive emotions.

Be in a friendly team

Concerted collective action: fans at the concert, fans at the match, the members of the great sports teams, etc. – all of them, working together in the same rhythm, get the stuffing of oxytocin in the blood.



Meditation and prayer also help to increase oxytocin levels.

Therefore, if you often spend your leisure time in the warm company of friends, meditate, attend concerts of your favorite artists, talk and hug with your loved ones, you definitely hormone the level of happiness! However, like any overdose, excessive levels of this hormone can have the opposite effect in the form of aggression, but as a rule, this is observed in mentally ill people.

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