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How to keep love for years to come

All couples sooner or later face the problem of how to keep love. Past the excitement of a love relationship is gone, sex will become a festive phenomenon, and the problems just accumulate. All couples experience UPS and downs in relationships. How to keep love in a relationship, how to behave in crisis situations and not to lose loved ones – read our material.

How to keep love


1. Common interest

This item for centuries, will unite and save the pair. As a rule, on the basis of the interests of the couple converge, and they also help them to avoid routine, quarrels and parting.

If you and your half do not have common interests, do not start struggling to look for them – they can appear by themselves, because couples who spend a lot of time in each other’s society, begin to look at the world from one angle.

Even if your common interest will be watching a movie Friday night – perhaps it is this simple and inconspicuous weekly ritual is the moment of greatest rapprochement, which makes your couple at times stronger.

2. Co-sleeping

Time before bedtime – special minutes for each person and they are especially important for the couple. At this time, you are as relaxed as possible – you can easily chat, share joys and experiences or just luxuriate in each other’s arms.

Going to bed together every night is a ritual that exists in parallel to sex, being a significant factor in the intimacy of the couple.

3. Not to carry resentment today for tomorrow

Even after the most bitter dispute or violent quarrel to lie in different rooms or backs to each other, without having found out the relations – it is wrong. It is not necessary to transfer squabbles to new day, solve everything right now. In such situations, the rule of «morning evening wiser» does not work – you Wake up angry and angry, which definitely does not add reasons for reconciliation.

4. Hugs and kisses at the beginning and end of the day

Psychologists believe that this daily ritual not only brings together, but also strengthens the relationship of people in a marriage or a couple. Remember that the lack of intimacy, even at such an elementary level, can lead to the destruction of relationships.

Take a couple of minutes of your time and hug your loved one right now – it’s never too late to start.

5. Trust

Trust is the basis of any relationship, especially a romantic one. Because of the constant distrust and misunderstandings, even the strongest Union can collapse.

Talk more with your half and share the joys and sorrows – it will help you build a really strong relationship of trust.

6. Positive thinking

The ability to focus on the good is an invaluable quality, especially if one of the partners has it.

The positive aspects of what is happening may not be visible at first glance, but learning to notice them, you will become a happy person who is able to make happy his second half and the whole world around.

7. Joy of each other’s success

Happy relationships involve not only the presence of love, but also the absence of envy and rivalry. First of all, you need to stop dividing everything in your life into «your» and «his» – let everything be common.

It is life on this principle will teach you to perceive the success of a loved one as their own. This will forever put an end to petty disputes, reproaches and misunderstandings.

8. Pleasant trifle

Sometimes we all need a sign of attention. Learn to make them to each other without reason and regardless of mood. This will not only strengthen and improve your relationship in a couple, but will change the perception of the world and learn to appreciate the pleasant things in a relationship with family and friends.

Be attentive to your loved ones, because it is not only an indicator of love, but a symbol of your support.

9. Respect for each other’s feelings

The key to a strong Union is respect for each other’s feelings. Do not try to impose your opinion on your loved one and say that you know his feelings better than himself.

Be tactful and patient, do not pull the blanket over yourself. Believe me, participation and love will help you much better than proof of your own rightness and obsessive help.

10. Sense of humor

Sense of humor – an indispensable tool in getting out of quarrels and awkward situations. Treat yourself with humor and perceive it as an integral part of the relationship is very important. It will help you to cope with problems and overcome all difficulties together with your loved one more than once.

Be happy in your relationship, and remember that the main component of a happy couple is love. Give it and your other half will not be in debt.

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