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How to make yourself change: useful techniques

To force yourself to change, critically evaluate the main areas of your life

Sooner or later, each of us begins to think about changes in their own lives. But sometimes it is very difficult to tear yourself away from the chair and start revision of your life and changes in it. Read our material about practical methods to force yourself to change.

First you need to critically assess the main areas of life, which traditionally include:

  • love;
  • financial prosperity;
  • health;
  • realisation in the professional sphere;
  • friendship;
  • hobbies.

Each of the proposed areas should be evaluated from 1 to 10. So you will know what area you need to pay attention. If the assessment will be the same for all areas, first of all take care of health and the area that is important to you at this point, because with the achievement of well-being in these areas, life will begin to change in all others.


Methodology for change

Briefly describe the goal you have set for yourself in the areas we have discussed above. For example, «to Reach an understanding with a partner.» Then divide the sheet with a vertical line in half. The left column is called something like this: «What will happen in 5 years, if everything remains the same.» On the right, write: «What will happen in 5 years, if I strive for this goal.»

Now you just have to honestly and in detail to answer these questions. In the left column, most likely, there will be frequent quarrels, misunderstanding and lack of emotional intimacy. On the right we expect a strong long-term relationship, a happy family.

This simple lesson will help you choose the direction in which you want to work. The next step is to find the best way to achieve them. At first, when you are full of enthusiasm, you begin to plan grandiose changes. The question is how to force yourself to act when the enthusiasm subsides. It is important to start changes today, even a little, in the details, but not postponing for tomorrow. Take small steps every day to help you get closer to your goal, and life will begin to change.

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