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How to resist the negative in social networks: what psychologists advise

It is no secret that today social networks as a source of information have a significant level of audience trust and exercise a great influence on our information field. But often we are faced with significant negative and aggression in social networks. The information security of the virtual space today should be treated carefully and carefully.

The types of negativity in social networks
Social networks are a space where we often Express our indignation on various occasions –from low-quality services to political problems. This allows us not only to Express our opinion, find like-minded supporters, but also to let off steam, which turns our news feed into an endless stream of negativity. The negative is usually:

  • conscious;
  • deliberate;
  • unconscious (random).
  • This is always a manifestation of the reaction of a person or group of people to the current events of their lives.

How to deal with the negative in social networks
There are several tips to help counter the negative in social networks:

Constructive negative. The user in an accessible form expresses dissatisfaction with something, reinforcing his words with facts and evidence. He does not try to hurt you, but only says that it could be improved.

work on your worldview, thoughts;
sincerely publicly thank the person for the opinion;
after the conversation, you can offer solutions to the problem.
The important thing is that you should never delete such messages. They show users that you are imperfect. And that means real, not the idealized image of the fake image.

Impulsive negative. This type can be associated with accumulated anger. It is subject to insults, insults and unfounded criticism. It is characterized by generalized phrases, lack of specificity.

wait a couple of hours until the person «cools down» and already have time to forget about it;
ask what happened and what the problem is. Usually, the user will respond calmly and tell about the causes of discontent in an accessible form.
Important! Don’t try to talk to an angry person. And in no case do not respond to his messages in the same tone as he did. Of course, if you value your own reputation and emotional harmony.

Registered negative. The most difficult type of negative on the Internet, as it has a specific purpose, training and organization. Be sure to specify the facts – the date and place, the details of the situation in which employees participate. Competitors who ordered the negative, it is easy to catch a lie, as the described situation – fictional. Compare negative reviews with each other, the same person will write about the same, even from different accounts. Pay attention to the time of appearance, their number for a certain period.

demand arguments and justifications of criticism;
if there is no proof, be sure – negative custom.
Public correspondence in the comments will save you from having to delete such messages.

Trolling. This negative comes from people who just have nothing to do. They will try in every way to get you out of yourself with the help of provocations.

ignore. There is nothing worse for a person with a lack of attention than ignoring attempts to draw attention to themselves;
Delete and block. This applies to cases where trolling is beyond reasonable and the first option does not help.
Do not pay attention to such aggressors. This is the only way you can control your own information field.

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