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How to stop being afraid of old age: 10 effective tips

Share your thoughts about old age with people who are experiencing the same – and you will feel better

Today, the whole Internet is filled with photos of colleagues and friends who have aged their photos with the popular application FaceApp. It seems that the whole world is going crazy to see itself in old age. Are we so afraid of old age that we call on Internet technology to look into the future and see what it will look like in 70 or even 80 years?

Psychologists say that old age should not be afraid, and old age — is, first of all, – experience that you need to skillfully use. How to love your age, how not afraid to grow up and survive aging — read the material about eternal youth in the soul and effective advice on the adoption of old age.

How not afraid to grow old

1. Remember your age. Treat your age as an opportunity and remember that you are not alone. There are a lot of adults and elderly people. People of the older generation own a significant part of the «power of the voice» in terms of the economy.

2. Share your feelings and experiences. It is believed that women cope with the difficult aspects of aging better than men. Women better establish and maintain contacts, maintain friendship. It helps to get through the hard times during aging and growing up, so men need to follow the example of women.


3. Share your thoughts with people who are experiencing the same thing. This is an effective way to relax and experience less. Find out what organizations there are for women and men over 50. Explore communities in social networks. Being in contact is part of a healthy lifestyle.

4. Get out of your comfort zone. It is easy to find the reason not to do something, motivating with old age. Focus on why you need to do this. If you’re too good, you won’t be productive.


5. Create support groups. It’s scary to grow up and grow old, scary to get divorced or get married after 50. It’s scary to think about retirement. So create a club of adults to «fear» together. The main goal of the club is to exchange ideas and not be afraid of old age together. After each meeting, the maturation club can leave with a list of tasks to be completed by the next meeting.

6. Be brave. Fear prevents us from following dreams, it makes us retreat and give up, turns us into prisoners of old age. So do not be afraid to be brave, implement your ideas, age is not a hindrance to you.

7. Watch your health. If you are healthy, you feel good. If you feel good, you look good. If you look good and make plans and know how to stay that way, you’ll feel amazing. At a time like this, who cares how old you are?

8. Accept your age. Make number your age your personal Matra or affirmation. Say to yourself, «I’m not afraid to grow old,» «I accept my age.» Letting go of your young self to accept and love the adult is an effective technique. Love your age and your old age. Find time to live for yourself.


9. Remember that old age is not a disease. Aging is a natural process that will not pass by any of us. It’s not a disease or anything abnormal. Stress, depression and despair are the worst diseases that you can get because of the fear of becoming old.

10. Don’t worry about beauty. Old age is not a loss of beauty. Only the beauty of older women and men is quite different. In their view — peace and wisdom. Strive for such beauty in old age. Don’t take old age as a punishment. Do not think that old age is a punishment for cheerful youth. In old age you will be surrounded by loving children and grandchildren. In old age, you will finally be able to take a break from the exhausting work, to devote themselves to what previously did not have enough time. Remember that the wisdom gained over the years, will help to dispose of this time wisely.

Feel the beauty of age and do not be afraid of growing up, because now you know how to take old age.

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