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Loneliness and depression

Loneliness and depression  can easily lead to thoughts of suicide, and possibly even suicide attempts. Suicide has commonly been a taboo topic as people prefer not to acknowledge it. Unfortunately, suicide is a reality and being open to talk about it is important, especially for those feeling like they have no where to turn.

Loneliness and depression

While  loneliness and depression  are common causes of suicide, there are a number of reasons why someone may feel as though death is the only answer. Usually people who are suicidal feel as though life is completely unbearable and feel completely hopeless and worthless. In addition, those suffering from a mental illness may hear voices prompting them to kill themselves.

Loneliness and depression can break your very soul into pieces, like a shattered pane of glass. Realizing that you are not able to provide for yourself (financially), can, undoubtedly, cause anxiety, depression, physical illness, and thoughts of suicide. Add into the mix, loneliness, fear, anxiety, frustration, desperation and the result can transpire into a deep state of depression.

Loneliness and depression can be insurmountable obstacles, and can trigger many to entertain suicidal thoughts. For seniors who made poor or unsuccessful choices, the Golden Years seem to be just a figment of their imaginations. Too late they realize the choices and decisions they made, or the paths they traveled, are impossible to be realigned, improved, or reversed. And, a dark state of depression can be their only companion.

Loneliness and depression are related, but you don’t have to let them rule your life. Take action against loneliness and depressive symptoms will decrease. If you have tried everything that you can and still are struggling with loneliness and depression, consider seeing a professional counselor that will help you.

Isolation, loneliness and depression are frequently linked, though there may be some debate as to how. For example, does a sense of loneliness emerge from being depressed, or are those who are alone more susceptible to depression?    Some have speculated that the modern emphasis on individual fulfillment has led to a sense of loneliness and detachment in our society. In the fast-paced world that we live in, it can be difficult to build and maintain meaningful interpersonal relationships.

People who suffer from loneliness and depression often find themselves lingering over the past. Though it is often difficult not to do so, it is something you must avoid doing. It is counterproductive. In order to overcome loneliness and depression, you must begin to put your focus on the future, and not on the past. The past is out of your control, but the future is not; make the best of it.

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