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My happiness is: a unique test will tell you what you are missing in life

Before you choose a formulation that appeals to you more than others, think very, very well. Because one inaccurate decision, and you can be attributed a lot of not your strengths and weaknesses.

The sun inside me
Your credo «Everything is good, and there are no questions without solutions» was developed by your parents. They taught you constructive reactions and always accompanied you morally in problem situations. Your brain has formed appropriate neural connections and hormonal status. And now, without any effort on your part, you are controlled by the hormones of happiness, joy and pleasure.

Ability to live today

You always see cause-and-effect relationships clearly. You not only know how to respond sensibly to any situation, but also in time to remove from your life uncomfortable for you. Including you do not fuss in someone else’s life — why do you then solve other people’s problems, because you are always set to solve only your own. And yet you control your life so that at any given moment it came a limited number of tasks — why drive yourself into the exhausting mode of time pressure.

To be loved

At the forefront of this desire put those who have not implemented it. You obviously do not have unconditional love. Most likely, as a child you were not accepted only because you just have — you had to prove the right to it. Now in a relationship with the opposite sex you are looking for opportunities to manage their feelings for you. At the same time the ability to control your life you have poorly developed, because you always have a lot of unfinished business.

Die with loved one in one day

You are a man of selfless and broad soul. And still have a position of the victim, allowing that above your interests the put not only favourite, but also other people. Therefore in a minibus you will give way even if to you it will be bad only because the grandmother will look with reproach. The victim does not know his goals and is afraid of responsibility. You are also a caring controller, sometimes so much so that you can say: «He strangles me with good.»

child-Having lots of kids

Those for whom happiness is primarily children lack their own importance, and they unconsciously seek to get it with the help of many children. After all, only one child mom and dad — it’s the whole world. And if there are five of them, the importance of parents expanded almost to the scale of the universe! It is also possible that you yourself as a child in love was swimming. And now you want to give what you didn’t have to as many children as possible.

Find yourself, your way

You are on the verge of emotional burnout or tired of your present. Because you think that a new occupation or job under the heading «my» will fill your life with happiness. If this formula of happiness appeals to you, how much you remember yourself, then two options are possible. First, you have found yourself, and therefore, consciously or not, you want others to know about your worldview. Second, you spend your whole life trying to find happiness, that is, you are entirely in the future. But, as a rule, the search in this case does not end: tomorrow live those who are in the illusory world, sees no prospects and vaguely imagines what this day should be at all.

«Want» equals «can»

You make every effort to implement this formula. You are pragmatic, set realistic goals for yourself and those on whom your happiness depends, require them to fulfill their plans and perform themselves. That’s why almost all your desires are realized — you have opportunities for it.

And it is possible that, fearing the struggle for empowerment, your goals you adjust to them. And you’re content with what you already have. You are a supporter of half measures, because you do not dare to put yourself as you would like, including before your superiors and even your own children.

When everyone is healthy

If in the past you have not suffered a serious illness or loss of a loved one, the health you attributed to the category of happiness because you can not imagine your life without contact with your own body: you invest in it (sports, healthy food), go to the doctor before it is hot, and shut off from stressful situations.

You’re always lucky

You are dominated by the «inner child», because your goals are unrealistic, as well as expectations. Critical thinking you limps, but mystical approaches — rife: you believe in lucky numbers, that life is filled with signs of fate, and trust horoscopes. You are suggestible and reckless.

There is enough money for everything

Equal to you in patience and hard work is not enough. At least, that’s what you think. And therefore you find it difficult to build relationships with people — real or those whom you have labeled. You do not share the winged «do Not have a hundred rubles, and have a hundred friends» — the last you have a little. But at least you are not in distress! Most likely, you have one child (or you did not count on the birth of the others), because «he needs to give all the best!».


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