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Named the main fears that prevent to live and be happy.

Nowadays, in the era of impatience and the desire to get results here and now, we are increasingly choosing a simpler and easier way in life. The path of fear. But to realize your dreams and become a happy person, you need to overcome all phobias.

 what fears stand in the way of each of us


We fear the unknown

Many people try to achieve inner peace by grasping hands and feet for the illusion of complete control over their lives. And to a certain extent they may even succeed — when you live in the same city all your life, ten years in a row working in the same position in the same office, and marry (or get married) to a person for whom «sohli» in school, you definitely minimize the impact of uncertainty on your life (but do not eliminate it completely).

So how do we deal with our fear of the unknown?

To do this, we must stop closing ourselves off and shutting ourselves off from the world. You need to start acting and believing in yourself. Ask yourself one simple question: «If I try to do it, and I do not succeed, what does it threaten me in the worst case?». And then, realizing that even the worst outcome is actually not so scary, do what you used to be so afraid of.

We fear loneliness

In modern culture, thoroughly imbued with perfectionism, conformism, and at the same time crowded with people with a complete lack of manners and respect for others ‘ opinions, it is easy to turn into a silent hermit, locked in a cozy ideological bunker with a few like-minded people. Or, being afraid to say the word across to others, you will adjust to them instead of being yourself and try to conquer the wild lands of uncertainty and criticism. But the true identity is not born in the negotiations with other people and sharing activities with them — it is necessary for the authenticity and integrity of the individual, which need to work every day. It is a personal aspiration that each of us must carry in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

We fear mistakes

One of the main reasons that often make us stay in the depth of our comfort zone, not getting out of it even by a millimeter, and abandon the desire for his dream — it is our fear of mistakes. When we have something that is very dear to us, we are afraid of losing it because of some mistake. But ask yourself, «wouldn’t It be better to fail at what you really like than to succeed in an area that you don’t really like?».

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