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Pride and prejudice: how psychological attitudes affect a person’s life

It happens that the movement in life resembles running in a circle. We keep returning to familiar situations and States. And, no matter how we fight, we can not go, for example, to a new level of income. However, the results do not always depend on the amount of effort. It’s just that we find ourselves again and again at the same point as the road: losing our jobs, relationships or money, refusing lucrative offers or our own valuable ideas. The reason for such repetitive situations is often internal attitudes and beliefs that we carry in the subconscious. It is they who determine our decisions and actions and limit life within the conditioned framework. Where we get these settings, we will tell you below.

Attitudes in the subconscious are formed from several sources.



For example, once you have failed in some significant life situation. And in the future, faced with something like this, you feel fear that the failure will happen again. As a result, you begin to avoid those situations that can lead to a repetition of the scenario: for example, refuse to try to achieve something, avoid serious relationships, etc.


Children perceive an emotionally charged message from their parents, of course, as the truth. And even in adulthood, such attitudes can fully determine a person’s decisions and actions. For example, if a child constantly hears from parents that money is evil and they can not earn honestly, it will be quite difficult to build a healthy relationship with money in later life. And the mother’s claim that men cannot be relied upon and should be relied upon only by herself can seriously complicate the privacy of her already adult daughter.


Wars, revolutions, hunger, repressions — all this developed in a certain way in Outlook of people. It was the beginning of the installation, which will ensure people’s survival. For example, to demonstrate prosperity was life-threatening. And after the wars, when the male population declined, women formed a belief that it is necessary to hold on to any man. Today, such statements have lost relevance, but continue to affect the lives of many, complicating it, instead of protecting. And unconsciously, we can pass these installations down the chain, to our children. This also includes folk wisdom. For example, the proverb «who works, eats» hammered into your head can become the reason that you during work can want to eat all the time.


Beliefs, living in anybody, not always unambiguously help or harm. For example, setting «I can handle everything myself» can put a ban on requests for help when a person really needs it. But in critical situations, when really much depends on the person, it will help to cope with the difficult task. By identifying a particular mental setting (for example, «I can’t afford to rest»), you can make out how much it helps or harms your life now by answering the following questions in writing:

  • what has this conviction helped me to achieve?
  • what did it help prevent?
  • what does this setup allow me to do?
  • what does she let me have?
  • what does she allow me to be?
  • what is good to what… (to formulate the belief)?
  • what advantages does it give me?
  • how can this belief be used against others?
  • did it put my conviction of others in an awkward position?
  • what did it lead me to?
  • what did that belief lead me out of?
  • what has it decided in my life?

To determine the consequences of a particular installation, write answers to the following questions:

  • what happens if this belief is true?
  • what happens if it’s wrong?
  • what won’t happen if it’s true?
  • what won’t happen if it’s wrong?

write a letter

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Finding the installation, which interferes with you, write it out and write: «Cancel!». Our subconscious is well aware of such methods.

Another option: you can rewrite the installation in a positive way: instead of» money is dangerous», «money is safe».

For example, a person is denied a request, and he perceives it as a disregard for himself, although the refusal has good and understandable reasons. Or maybe find a «fix this» implication that he would soon be fired. That is, one sees the catch and the difficulties where there are none, not noticing the ability to change lives for the better. In fact, it just operates within certain scenarios, which absorbed from childhood. And to resist such algorithms can be difficult because they are» stitched » in the subconscious.

Most often, a marker that your life is led by negative attitudes is the repetition of undesirable situations. For example, relationships with partners that begin in different ways, but always end badly: a betrayal, a tragic break-up or partner with the time showing any pathological dependence.

Or the same person for a long time and unsuccessfully trying to jump out of the framework of the reality that he is not satisfied, but all attempts to somehow end in a fiasco. Earning more money than before, he loses them in different ways: through force majeure, loans, debt, disease, etc. So he seems to be back on the old «safe» level of income.

If you notice something like this, take the time to quietly write out all your beliefs on a certain topic. While writing tries not to think about it, write fast and whatever comes to mind on a given topic. During this exercise, long-forgotten facts may emerge. For example, you may recall that as a child you heard a tragic story about how someone died because of a large amount of money. Hence the statement: money is dangerous.

«Installations live not only in the psyche but also in the body.» So, the belief «no money», the fear that they are not enough, can manifest in the body of pain in the lumbar spine. The installation that without total control everything will fall apart, results in thyroid disease. When a person does not allow himself to relax, it creates a lot of tension in the body and causes hypertension — increased blood pressure. A man’s belief that he is a bad husband can manifest prostate problems.

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