Moodletter provides help for being happier, more capable and confident, even if you are living with depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety.

For individuals, mental health professionals, group facilitators

For individuals, mental health professionals, group facilitatorsIf you are an individual taking control of your mental wellness, Moodletter Tip Sheets provide information and motivation.

If you are a mental health professional or group facilitator, you can use them to reinforce your education and support.

Tip Sheets are easy-to-read, one-page handouts. You’ll receive an original by email that you can customize and reproduce as many times as you need. Just $5.00 per topic.

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We can learn to recognize the distorted thoughts and beliefs that cause us pain and replace them with those that help us feel and function better.

Craving carbs and sweets

When we’re depressed and anxious, we hunger for the serotonin-boosting effect of carbohydrates. Here are some smart tips for taming the craving.

Getting the most from your therapy
Be an active participant, be honest and open to change, do your homework and follow your therapist’s guidelines to get the best results.

How to help someone with depression
Using supportive language, assisting with day-to-day needs, encouraging activity and helping him/her recognize signs of progress can make a difference.

I can’t sleep!
Sleep aids and natural remedies can help, so can keeping a regular schedule, eating a sleep-inducing bedtime snack and creating the right environment.

Keep a mood chart
Track day-to-day changes to identify when you might need an adjustment in meds, what activities lift your mood and issues to discuss with your therapist or doctor.

Medication side effects
Psychiatric drugs can have side effects that include dry mouth, digestive problems, drowsiness, and sexual problems. Here are some tips for coping with them.

Surviving unemployment
Losing a job is one of life’s greatest stressors. Keep a healthy outlook with these tips for staying active, managing resources and taking care of yourself.

Take time out from depression
Even little things can lift your mood: Drink your coffee outside in the sunshine, call a friend, take a walk in the park, color with crayons or browse a bookstore.

Tips for managing anxiety
Learn to track your worry, focus on the here and now, practice relaxation techniques and take care of yourself to minimize anxiety.

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