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Splitting pills

Splitting pills can save money because different strengths of a medicine are sometimes about the same in price. For example, each 20 mg pill of one medicine costs about $3.57, while each 40 mg pill of the same drug costs about $3.61. If your doctor prescribes 20 mg of this drug daily, you could save about $640.00 over a year by buying the 40 mg pills and splitting them in half.

But exercise caution before splitting pills; it’s not always safe. Pills that are scored can always be split. But capsules should never be split; nor should time-release or extended release pills. Some pills have a special coating that protects your stomach from the medicine and the medicine from your stomach acid. Always check with your doctor. And if you are going to split pills, use a pill splitter, an inexpensive device available where you get your prescription filled.

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