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What is laziness really: expert opinion

Scientists say that a person has not one brain, but three. Of course, conditionally, but still. These are three systems, three «layers» of our brain. This system was proposed by an American scientist, neurologist Paul McLean in the 50s of the last century.

Three in one

One originates at the dawn of evolution, when the main need was to survive at any cost, formed the so-called reptile brain responsible for the unconscious human reaction and its basic functions. «Second brain» – «middle» – limbic, control our emotions and is responsible for social relations. And the third system, the neocortex, is the youngest part of the brain, the visual brain, and is responsible for the ability to make rational decisions, thinking, and intelligence. It is interesting that we can control consciously only this third part.

Roughly speaking, in each of us there lives a reptile, a mammal and actually homo sapiens. Accordingly, one of our brains is responsible for survival, the other – for emotions and pleasure, the third – for development and thinking.

Motivational coach Itzhak Pintosevich offers for simplicity to imagine that you live in a cow (the same middle brain), and that she is lazy. She needs to eat, sleep and reproduce. She’s not interested in anything else.

«Fool» the brain of a mammal

But to beat laziness, you just need to «win a cow». She wants to eat well and have a good time. She does not want to waste energy and energy to achieve anything. This is where our laziness lives. It can help our rational thinking, which thinks not only about the present, like a cow, but also about the future.

Where to start?

For example, with such a step: to set yourself some global goal (say, to learn a foreign language or lose weight On x kg). And then break this goal into very small pieces-say, study only 10 words a day, squat 10 times a day, drink 1.5 liters of water a day. These are small steps, because the cow will not fear them and do. Then you can slightly increase the «load», in addition, significantly increase motivation as intermediate results are achieved. And in the long run you will achieve the desired success!

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