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What is the key to the success of women among men

What does a woman need to have to always be surrounded by men?

In the past – a politician, and now a successful woman, business coach, coach, journalist and writer Irina Khakamada never hid her principles and shared them in lectures, books and interviews. She definitely has a lot to learn.

Irina claims that very many girls mistakenly consider that if they have a figure and the tightened skin, the man won’t get away from them anywhere. It is not so. Even if an adult woman will have plastic surgery and will look 15 years younger – it will not keep a man near.

What keeps the partner near us actually seriously and for a long time regardless of the fact that we grow old, appearance changes, etc.? There is a secret: the main thing is energy. You can have any breast, skin and in General appearance. But if you «pret» energy (and this is the biggest deficit in modern society), you will always Shine like the sun, and people will reach out to you. Not only men – everything.

Since there are many problems, stresses, tasks in the modern world and we are chronically tired and chronically do not have time, we lose energy all the time.

«A person who has crazy energy is a source of happiness every minute, every second, regardless of what is happening around,» says the writer. That is why he is always surrounded by interesting people.

After all, we all want to drink, eat, breathe air. Without this it is impossible to live. Without energy, in principle, you can live. But to be happy is impossible.

In addition, today the biological age no longer coincides with the social, beauty may well replace style, gloss and grooming, youth – sport and wisdom, the expert believes. In addition, the spirit and energy enhance metabolism, give the eyes Shine and face – Shine.

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