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What men want in a relationship

Five simple things every woman should know

So, a few male secrets that every woman should know.

He’s waiting for approval and admiration. He wants his soul mate to be proud of him

Every man, regardless of external, mental and other data, age, religion and income, wants to be a hero in the eyes of his woman. This literally inspires him and works wonders with his self-esteem, and accordingly, with the relationship.

He wants to protect and protect

That is why being weak next to a man is much more profitable than strong and independent. At least, you can seem so. Then in the man the instinct of the defender will Wake up and he will make everything that you did not need anything and felt safe. Give him that opportunity.

He doesn’t want to know about your exes.

That’s too much information for him. And even if he asks directly, it is better to avoid specifics. Just like he doesn’t want to be compared to anyone. A new relationship is a new life, here and now.


He wants to be valued and respected 

Respect for a man is even more important than love. And from time to time he wants to hear how important it is for you to have a presence in your life, how you appreciate him, how happy you are with him. Yes, he wants to be praised if he did something worthy and appreciated.

He can’t take a hint and wants clarity

Men are much easier than they seem. They sincerely do not understand the hints. Because if you need something from them, it is better to say it directly in the simplest possible formulation. If something is nice, not nice, want, do not want to upset, etc. – all this should be discussed openly, and not to be offended after the fact with a mysterious face. Men don’t want drama. They want a normal human relationship.

And a man is happy when his woman is happy, it is a fact.

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