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What traits in women attract men

Smile_womanWhen a man falls in love with a woman, he begins to notice her much more than just her appearance. There are character traits that act on guys like a magnet.


Life is a challenge, but having a sense of humor means that you are able to see something good even in the most difficult times.


It is unlikely that you will decide to introduce your mother or take in a good restaurant a girl who is used to communicate in a raised voice and with the abundant use of obscene words.

People try to avoid loud and foul-mouthed characters. This behavior suggests that such a person does not have enough brightness, they are trying to compensate that way. Against their background, women look advantageous, expressing their thoughts clearly and calmly. Such a woman in a relationship usually takes an active, self-sufficient position.



There’s a reason we’re drawn to the unknown. Mystery, which is a woman, stimulates natural curiosity and excites feelings.
A woman who can be studied beyond the line activates our imagination. So try to refrain, if possible, and not to appear immediately open book. Leave room for mystery, share your secrets gradually.


An elegant woman cares about her appearance, hygiene, and manners, but is not obsessed with them. She strives to make people feel welcome, to be comfortable with her because she is gentle, polite and caring.


Character traits of women that attract men are the ability to be grateful. Sometimes girls take a man’s actions for granted. Earned money is fine, buy some flowers – well, gave a fur coat, made repairs, and scored a nail – everything is in order. But a man will be immensely happy if you thank him for such actions. He will feel needed and worthy. Compliments and gratitude for men — a delight for their male pride.


And, of course, female sexuality. No, it’s not about vulgarity and transparent erotic hints. We are talking about unobtrusive gestures, mysterious smile, languid eyes, fragile wrists. It is these manifestations that make a woman sexy. So it feels only one girl, who herself enjoys her femininity and attractiveness.

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