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What you should never do for a man

There is a misconception that for «cute» you can go for anything. Not at all. After all, there are things that can elementary spoil it, and you lower self-esteem. As a rule, the desire to please a man is not about love and affection, but about the fears and complexes of a woman. Moreover, these attempts can lead to the opposite effect: the partner will simply cease to respect you and reckon with you.

Five things you can never do for a man.:

To sacrifice himself and to bow down before a man

First of all, no one will appreciate it. Secondly, the expression «do not create an idol for yourself» was invented long ago and for good reason. Only a self-sufficient person is able to build a healthy relationship with the same self-sufficient personality.

Justify his violence – emotional or physical

Abusers (emotional rapists), tyrants, and other suppressive personalities are not something to be tolerated and justified. This absolutely should not be in a normal relationship.

Solve his problems

Yes, a strong woman is good. She must be able to take care of herself and her children physically and financially, if necessary. But it is not required to solve financial, housing or any other problems for men that he and a man. Unless she wants to see a henpecked man, a gigolo or an infantile.

Give up yourself and take any ultimatums

There’s a good saying: «when you Say Yes to others, make sure you don’t say no to yourself!». You should never go on about other people’s desires and adapt to someone. It’s not about reasonable compromises, but about the requirements to change something in yourself physically, to abandon your favorite thing/family/your beliefs in favor and please another person. You should never adjust your appearance, values and beliefs to the requirements of a man. Otherwise, you risk losing both yourself and this man.

To feel sorry for him and give advice

If a man is going through hard times, the worst thing a woman can do in this situation is to feel sorry for him. Pity humiliates a man. All he needs is silent support and the belief that he can handle it. That’s all. He’ll do the rest. Sometimes you just need to leave him alone and give time to deal with everything, sometimes just be there and give your warmth and emotions.  If the man begins to whine and complain – it is not necessary to support these impulses and to listen to outpourings. All this has a magical «working» phrase: «You can do it!».

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